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If you are not spiritually connected with yourself, success will never be an option. 

- Glitter Explorer® 

This (6) six-month engagement is for action seekers.  You are looking to show up and learn who you are and who you are not.  During this time you will have multiple mindset shifts and a few transformations. You are ready to shine a light on the pain and trauma holding you back and meet yourself at LOVE.  This engagement will require you to get uncomfortable and challenge your current way of being.  

Keep scrolling to learn the additional program benefits. 

Master the 
Glitter Mindset™ 


(18) Eighteen virtual sessions via Zoom and unlimited text and email access during business hours. Each (75) min session will be recorded and transcribed for you.

Glitter Money 

Basic financial and budgeting review. Learn where you are and where you want to be financially.  Heal and strengthen your relationship with money.  Gain clarity on your worth and earning potential. Create an action plan to achieve long-term financial goals. 

Business Strategy & Consulting

Pivoting into entrepreneurship or already there? I got you! Business strategy and implementation consultation are included. Design and implement a plan to build wealth and change the world in your unique way. Learn how to monetize your current talents and strategically stack skills to enhance business offerings. 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you show up from day one and do the work and don't experience at least 1 mindset breakthrough within the first 30 days, I will refund you your money as stated in the contract. No questions asked.  

Done - With - You - Service 

Think of Glitter Explorer® your personal tour guide to your soul.  I will help you navigate through the roadblocks to uncover the abundance all around you. 

Meet You At Love 

Define and practice self-love. Build awareness of your daily self-care needs. Create a realistic actionable plan to build habits that support you in putting yourself first.  For six months you are going to date yourself, and it's going to be an adventure immersed in love! 

Get Clear on Who, What, & Why

Understand who you are, who you are not, and everything in between. Uncover your purpose, then set it on fire. Unpacking the chaos in your life and getting clear on your truth will be the treasure map needed to help you build a supportive ecosystem to move from surviving to thriving.  Think of this as your user manual. 

60 Day Set You Free Promise

For 60 days, if you show up and do the work and are still not feeling your desired results, I will set you free of your contract and refund the remaining prorated amount due per contract. 

Bonus Gifts

Untitled design (19).png

Energy management is a vital part of mastering your soul.  Get a free 60-minute session with an expert Energy Healer to gain more insight into you and to clear and release any energetic blocks in your field. A $300 value.

*Energy Healer is a trusted and verified member of Glitter Explorer's personal Avengers Team. 


Get a peek into your stars with an in-depth review of your astrological birth chart.  You will get a full hour with a trusted Astrologer to gain insight into your overall purpose and any other areas of your life of your choosing. A $250 value 

*Astrologers are trusted and verified members of Glitter Explorer's personal Avengers Team. 


Knowing where the root of your trauma stems from is half the battle.  Get insight into your current and past lives with an Akashic Records reading. A $400 value. 

*Akashic Records expert is a trusted and verified member of Glitter Explorer's personal Avengers Team. 


Astrocartography has changed my perspective on travel.  It just might change yours too! In this reading you will shine a light on locations around the world you could energetically thrive in. Learning your astrological lines will help you discover the best places to live, visit, heal, and/or vacation. A $250 value 

*HD expert is a trusted and verified member of Glitter Explorer's personal Avengers Team. 

**Please note,  you will receive direct coaching on EVERY healer session to help you unpack the overwhelming nuggets you receive and strategically implement them into your life plan. 

Client Love

Becky Olson, MO

“You’re going to accomplish incredible things during your time with Romita. No matter what your background is or what traumas are holding you back, she will help you dig as deep or fly as high as you want to go. What I think is most important to note is that the process doesn’t stop once you’ve completed your coaching program. Days, weeks, or even months after your last session, you may come to a realization or epiphany that was initiated back during one of your sessions. The download doesn’t
stop simply because you walked away from the computer.”

Self-love is the most underrated skill in the world. If you master it, you will be light-years ahead. 

- Glitter Explorer® 

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