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Romita Bulchandani

imagine living in a world where...

mental self-care was routine, both personally and professionally. Taking care of ourselves wasn't an act of bravery but expected. Employers proactively encouraged and supported their talent at all levels of leadership. We behaved authentically and with purpose. Being intuned with our mind, body, and soul is effortless. 


As I look back at my 15+ years in corporate, our current environment post COVID-19, and George Floyd, I am reimagining a new normal. Life coaching is such a powerful tool and scarcely used by companies and professionals. 


Why is it taboo to admit burnout? Why are companies not investing in tools like life coaching to cultivate and grow existing talent? Why are leaders, especially women, considered weak if they ask for help? What if we got to know each other on a deeper level organically because we lived an authentic lifestyle? Why don't we see all the colors and beauty that exists in humanity? What if we lived each day with passion, and glittered our souls with purpose? What would that world look like? 


These are some of the many questions glitter for the soul   envisions tackling through the power of transformational life coaching. 


dream bigger...then make it happen


Inspire companies and professionals through coaching to live authentically and with purpose.  


Reduce mental burnout while increasing the population of unicorns across the world. 


 Bring a heightened awareness of burnout and its effects on companies and professionals. 

live with intention, while glittering your soul with purpose. 

core values

cognitive diversity

work with me!

Over the years, I've learned we are not alone, and sharing our truth is instrumental in creating awareness and the healing process. 


Take control of your life, start living, and APPLY for coaching now. 

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