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Romita Bulchandani - Spiritual Life Coach

Photo Credit: Jhonatan Rodriguezo

NORMALIZE Mental Health

It’s time for a reimagining.

How would it feel if taking care of our whole selves – mind, body, and spirit- were normal, not radical?

What would happen if we embraced our authentic selves and started living the life that is actually best for us? What would the world look like if individuals across the globe began living their truths, unashamed of who they were and unwilling to dim their inner sparkle to meet the demands of tradition and societal “norms”?


Can you imagine a life where you don’t feel the need to apologize for taking care of you? Or a world where your inner glow is sexier than the size of your waist?

You don’t have to wait for that world to be created; it’s already here! That dream life where you can live authentically and unapologetically is right in front of you. All you have to do is reach out.


Let me help you make it real and really you.

How Can Spiritual Life Coach Help?

As someone who has made the blind leap from a corporate and serving-others lifestyle to setting my own rules and boundaries to respect and honor myself, I know how scary it can be to look deep within yourself. It’s through that experience and the incredible connections I made during that time that I will help you begin to pique your curiosity about what life COULD look like if you stopped believing that:

  • Your ultimate dreams were out of reach

  • You had to play by someone else’s rules

  • Living your best life starts after retirement

  • Your family traditions have to be your traditions

Photo Credit: Jhonatan Rodriguezo

Heading 1

Romita Glitter Explorer, Glitter For The Soul, Transformational Life Coach

Medellin, Colombia 

Together we’ll work through all of your ideas, beliefs, lifestyle choices, and inherited fears to identify which ones you can let go of so that you can determine exactly who you are underneath everything that others have piled on top of you. Then you can begin to polish yourself, buffing out any additional fears or traumas that are holding you back so that you can expose your glitter, your shine, your brilliance, to the world around you - a world of your making.

Take the quiz below to see where you should focus your attention as you start your healing journey. 


You Deserve More

As a human being, creative spirit, man, woman, non-binary, queer person, a servant of all, or as a member of any systemically marginalized group: You deserve more opportunities, more open doors, and the freedom to fully embrace and live your dreams. 

I’m here to help you change the narrative — the kind of narrative every individual secretly wishes for.

And I’m not talking about that dream vacation you’ve been saving up for, that promotion you don’t feel confident applying for, or your dream of never having to check your bank account before making a purchase ever again. Think BIGGER! 

I'm Talking About Really Living a FULL life

  • First-class because you deserve it life.

  • Wake up happy because it's Tuesday life.

  • Investing in yourself because you can life.

  • Confidence that never runs out life.

  • Free to change your mind life.

  • Creating a new bucket list because the other one is done life.

  • Love in all directions life.

  • To blessed to be stressed life.

  • Time for philanthropy life.

  • Hire your personal Avengers team life.

  • Go to sleep happy life.

  • Prioritize yourself daily life.

  • Attract and manifest all your desires life.

By discovering your inner glitter, sparkle, shine (whatever you’d like to refer to it as), you’ll have:


  • Energy to live as big as you want to live.

  • Support for the people you love and the causes you care about.

  • Motivation to live each day to its fullest.

  • Love for yourself and the world around you.

As a Spiritual Life Coach, I have one mission: To help you live your authentic dream life while diversifying your mental health. 

Many people say, “Mental health is important.” While I agree 100%, I want to take it one step further and we need to
Normalize Mental Health in our daily lives. 
Others Will Teach You to Conform

Our entire life has been one giant lesson on how to conform, but through our work together, I will teach you how to break free and LIVE on your terms.

If you listen to the world around you, often including your close friends and family, you’ll hear the same narrative over and over again. The one that tells you to keep your head down, blend in, and don’t rock the boat. That false narrative tells you dreams are meant to be imagined, not lived.

But imagine just for a moment that you could live your dream - that everyone could live their dreams. How much brighter would the world seem? How much more joy, energy, inspiration, and support could you give to the matters that mean the most to you? How much love could we spread by first loving ourselves through living our dreams?

I won’t teach you how to be a better person for the world. Instead, I will empower you to be the best version of yourself IN YOUR OWN EYES so that you can love yourself, realize your dream path, and begin walking it.

It’s through that realization and action that you can make a difference to your loved ones and in whatever mission(s) or goal(s) you choose to devote yourself to.

It has to START with you.

The Problem

We live in a world that tells us to keep our problems to ourselves. It tells us that “normal people” don’t have those kinds of issues, problems, or challenges and that we need to repress it inside of ourselves because allowing them to be seen or asking for help with them is a sign of weakness.


But here’s the truth:

  • A study by the World Health Organization, or WHO, found that between 60 and 80 percent of people with mental health issues don’t seek treatment.

  • In recent years, 80% of people have been negatively impacted in terms of: 

    • 29% of their finances 

    • 28% of their mental health

    • 25% of their career motivation

    • 62% of their career stress 

  • People report they had lost control over their futures (43%), their personal lives (46%), their careers (41%), and their relationships (39%). People feel trapped in their routines (27%), and they feel more lonely than they’ve ever felt before (26%). 

  • According to recent studies, when people have more autonomy and decision-making power inside and outside of work, they tend to be healthier, happier, and have greater well-being overall. 

  • According to a study published in Forbes, respondents listed these responses for not seeking mental health treatment:

    • 34% Had a lack of knowledge of what kind of help to seek or where to get it

    • 28% Had a lack of confidence in mental health treatment

    • 19% of respondents felt it wouldn’t help

    • About one in five 22% did not seek help because of stigma or fear of not wanting people to know

    • 17% were deterred by lack of affordability


  • One survey from 2020 revealed increased alcohol and cannabis use among people in the United States, a likely result of using such substances to try to relieve pandemic-induced anxiety and depression.

    • 38% of people were feeling tired or lacked energy

    • 36% were having sleep disturbances

    • 25% were feeling down, depressed, or hopeless

    • 24% of respondents were having difficulty concentrating

    • 43% felt nervous, anxious, or on edge

    • 36% reported not being able to stop worrying

The societal perspective of shaming or guilting individuals who seek to improve their mental health is unjust and, well honestly, complete BS. 

At Glitter For The Soul®, we are determined to make a change.

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Romita Bulchandani, Glitter For The Soul, Transformational Life Coach

The Solution

It’s time for YOU to lead by example!

By taking control of your own mental health, identifying your authentic life, and live life on your terms you can not only experience just how bright and beautiful this world can be, but you will inspire EVERY SINGLE INDIVIDUAL that encounters you to seek their own authentic life and path.

There is no downside to identifying and exposing your inner shine.

● You won’t feel the need to live apologetically.
● You won’t feel ashamed for saying no when it’s in your best interest to do so.
● You won’t feel selfish for prioritizing yourself.

This also means that:

● You’ll have more to give.
● You’ll be more inspired.
● You’ll make a difference!

Whether or not I’m the right Spiritual Life Coach for you, if my message is inspiring your inner self to raise its hand and say, “I need this!!” then you’re ready to begin down this path of living your best authentic life, and it’s time to seek out a coach that you connect with.

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