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Mindset Coach - Romita Bulchandani

Photo Credit: Mabel 

How I Got My Glitter

My name is Romita or Glitter Explorer®. My soul wasn’t always as shiny and free as it is today. For 15+ years, I diligently climbed the corporate ladders at Fortune 200 companies like Walt Disney Company, Marriott International, and DaVita. (see more about my career here.)


I was a leader. I was successful. And I was unhappy.


In an effort to do everything “right”, I ended up depleted, exhausted, and lost. I didn’t even recognize myself anymore. I felt like a llama living in a herd of sheep. And that realization was jarring even while shame and guilt kept me tethered.


I began to understand that my life was meant for something different. I started to listen to my inner voice, which had been quietly whispering to me along the way. As it got louder and I opened up to receiving the message, the true person I was inside started straying more and more away from the person the rest of the world could see.


I knew it was time to do something.


I quit my dream job in exchange for a dream life. One of my makings, that is exactly right for me. I landed at the airport and started to really take flight. I redesigned my entire life and in the process of uncovering my authentic self, revealed a passion for helping others do the same.


As a transformational coach, I am living my absolute best life, anchored by purpose and authenticity. It would be my greatest honor to share the way with you. It’s time to rediscover the truth and get some Glitter For The Soul®.


Photo Credit: Jhonatan Rodriguezo



I invest fully in my clients,
leading the way to transformation, purpose and passion. Even when you feel you can't fully invest in yourself, I will be there to show you how.


Unravel your passion, create your own path, determine your future. When life gets tangled, we get creative to find the way to your glitter, your happiness. There is always a way - no matter how stuck you currently feel! 


Your past is integral to who you are today and who you will become tomorrow. It's nothing to be ashamed of. We will illuminate the light uncovering the route between where you were and where you want to be.


Your transformation is my main goal. Together, we stabilize your plans, finetune your dreams and uncover your passion so that you can live a transformed life filled with purpose, support, and overall wellbeing.

Glitter Explorer® is more than a coach.
transforms lives.

Think about it like this. Mental health care is the most impactful, mind-shifting gift we can give to ourselves. Unfortunately, many of us place it low on the priority list, throwing our souls a spa-day bone or an outdoor hike sporadically at best.


And it feels really good, that once in a while. Our spirits are grateful for the small bite to sustain them. But that is a far cry from thriving, and it certainly lacks luster.


Transformational coaching offers something way different. It’s all about helping you see abundance where you once saw scarcity, being entirely and beautifully free from anything locking you up and holding you back, and intentionally moving from a mindset of surviving to one of thriving but not stopping there. It’s a total life transformation from surviving to thriving, and then ultimately, to dreaming authentically and with ease.

If your life is locked up, I’d be honored to help you discover the key. It already lies within you and will open the doors to a world of your making, perfectly aligned with the person you are meant to be.


Life will be transformed when the work reveals a glittered soul.

Your inner voice says, I’m speaking.
It’s time to listen.

If you’ve landed on this page, then you’ve probably realized that something is off. You might not have been able to pinpoint where that feeling is coming from, but you’ve noticed that the world seems a little dimmer lately. You’re not miserable, but you’re not happy either. You’re caught somewhere in between, stuck re-evaluating the choices you’ve made and the experiences you’ve had, but not ready to take any action or make a change for your future.


You’ve realized that you’re not living your dream, but then again, who really gets to live their dream? That’s why it’s a dream, right? You “can’t have your cake and eat it too.” So you continue to sit, stuck in an endless loop that makes you feel tired, rundown, and uninspired.


But you can’t help but wonder, “What if?


What if you could live your dream and be happier? What if life wasn’t supposed to make you feel so exhausted and drained? What if you identified your dream and it was actually within your reach?


You used to think your dream was:

  • Climbing the corporate ladder (but that ladder over there looks a little shinier and more YOU)

  • Putting in the long hours to make the big bucks (but you’re tired and realize that you want to be FREE too)

  • Living up to your family’s definition of success (but it sure doesn’t FEEL like success to you)

Guess what? That’s your inner voice speaking. It’s getting louder, telling you that you’re not being true to YOU. And it’s getting harder and harder to ignore. Finally, one day you wake up and realize that you don’t want to ignore it anymore. Even if following your dream is the path of greater resistance, you’re ready to take it.


So, you do a little digging online, read through a few books, and listen to every episode of that allegedly life-changing podcast. And you were lit up! Until, inevitably, you weren’t. That bandaid you slapped on your life is slipping. You are starting to realize that you need some help, and it can’t come from the “self shelf” this time.


You need a coach. Someone who can help you ask difficult questions, unravel the knots of confusion, and identify areas of glimmer so you can expose your full shine! 

Helping you reconnect with your soul so you can build wealth and change the world is my purpose.  Your BEST life is only a few clicks away. 


My Favorite Things! 

As a minimalist and world traveler, I don't acquire much these days.  In my past life I use to be a shopaholic and need organizational tools to keep up with the abundance of things I was wasting money on.  Click the button below to get a list of some of my favorite things.  I travel with most of these items.  Some of them are waiting for me when I get home.  

Commitment to Allyship

In a world where being authentic can be scary, Glitter For The Soul® is a safe place of kindness, compassion, and respect. Everyone deserves the chance to reveal their true self, whomever that self is. I am committed to allyship with all people of all stripes. I welcome clients of any and all races, genders, and sexual orientations. It is my highest calling and privilege to support the magical journey for everyone.


Photo Credit: Jhonatan Rodriguezo

Who's on Your Team? 


Everyone needs a support system of amazing Glitter Humans. You’ll often hear me refer to mine as my Avengers team. When you work with me, you will meet members of my Avengers team as part of your 1:1 coaching for two very specific and important reasons.

First of all, these amazing Glitter Humans are too beautiful not to share. The work they are doing for their clients and the world around them is so positive and uplifting that I want to help spread their positivity as far as possible.


Secondly, I want you to begin thinking about who you want on your Avengers team. Part of what we do together will be helping you construct your long-term support system. Maybe you’ll find that you want one of my team members to be on your team, or maybe they
can help lead you to your own incredible Avengers team.

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