Whether you are living it or not, you have a truth. Life tries real hard to hide it from you but just like glitter, it never goes away. Transformational coaching helps you rediscover that inner sparkle so that you can shine.

Mental Health is Sexy 

It’s time to reimagine our potential and our world. How would it feel if taking care of our whole selves–mind, body, and spirit–were normal, not radical? What would happen if we found the courage to embrace our authentic selves and start living the life that is actually best for us? Not safe, not standard, not a lie. But our truth. Imagine a life where you don’t feel the need to apologize for taking care of you. Envision a world where our inner glow is sexier than our skirt size. That world is here. That life is there for the taking. Let me help you make it real and really you.

Transformation Life Coach

Your inner voice says, I’m speaking.
It’s time to listen.

Chances are, you have an inkling that something is off. You can’t quite put your perfectly manicured nail on it, but life feels flat. Compromised. You’ve been thinking about mixing it up but it’s complicated. That corporate ladder isn’t going to climb itself. You’re so high up you’re afraid of what might happen if you jump.


Sure, it wasn’t the dream you had for yourself, but hey. You have a good life with everything you need. Even if you felt like you could take a leap, you don’t know where the hell you would land anyway. So you stay. Safe and secure. And stunted.


But that inner voice inside you keeps talking to you. It seems to shout out, I’m speaking. And it’s starting to get so loud that you can’t ignore it. And you realize, you don’t want to. You are beginning to listen to it and even believing what you hear.


You’ve flipped through a few books and listened to every episode of that allegedly life-changing podcast. And you were lit up! Until, inevitably, you weren’t. That bandaid you slapped on your life is slipping. You are starting to realize that you need some help and it can’t come from the self shelf this time. You need a coach. Life coaching can be a very powerful tool but is it transformational? It is with Romita.


Romita is more than a coach.
transforms lives.

Think about it like this. Mental health care is the most impactful, mindshifting gift we can give to ourselves. Unfortunately, many of us place it low on the priority list, throwing our souls a spa-day bone or a yoga-class refresh sporadically at best. And it feels really good, that once in a while. Our spirits are grateful for the small bite to sustain them. But that is a far cry from thriving and it certainly lacks luster. 


Transformational coaching with Romita offers something way different. It’s all about helping you see abundance where you once saw scarcity. It’s about being completely and beautifully free from anything that is locking you up and holding you back. It’s about intentionally moving from a mindset of surviving to one of thriving but not stopping there. It’s about a total life transformation from thriving to dreaming. Authentically and with ease.


If your life is all locked up, Romita can help you discover the key. It already lies within you and it opens the doors to a world of your making, perfectly aligned with the person you are meant to be. Life will be transformed when the work reveals a glittered soul.

What is transformational coaching?

Live unapologetically on your terms, then sit back and feel the magic.

Reviews & Accolades

A serious boost of confidence and clarity. -Laëtitia S. 

Romita went above and beyond to help me reach my goals. -Angie M.

I was able to figure out my next career move, improve my self-esteem and make some real changes to my daily routine that had an amazing impact on my physical, spiritual and mental well-being.  -Heather J.

Romita helped me overcome my hurdles and took the time to do it my way. —Darissel R.


What are my clients looking for?



Once I relearned how to communicate with my inner voice, my soul felt like it had been bathed in a stream of self awareness. It was pure magic! It was hard work and it was filled with feelings of every kind but I learned how to get clear on the things that mattered most. I began setting boundaries, I worked out my “why” and how to communicate it to myself and the world around me, and I gained experience setting and living my intentions. Tougher still, I learned how to translate all of those needs to my tribe. For some, that meant a parting of ways–not everyone will be on board with your truth. For others, it meant connecting in deeper and more meaningful ways than I ever thought possible. Gaining clarity on who you are is an integral part of our work.


When we are trapped in a world that isn’t right for us and lacking clarity on where we need to go or what we need to do, self love falls by the wayside. I was working 60+ hours a week in a job that gave me no sense of purpose. The constant barrage of stress and inner turmoil took a major toll on me, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. So, I’d give myself the bandaid version of self care I was conditioned to believe would work wonders. Spa days, nail appointments, hair cuts, and the like were supposed to rejuvenate me. If I gave myself what I really needed–like resting in bed and saying no instead of yes–I felt like a failure. I was so committed to the lie of corporate life that I couldn’t see the truth. I had become the person I needed to be to survive this life when what I needed what to learn how to thrive in the life of my own making. What I needed was to give myself the gift of true self love. Learning what self love is, and isn’t, is a promise I make to you when we take this journey together.

Healthy Food


I wasn’t always a Gliitter Explorer®. For years I felt trapped in a corporate job that felt like hell on Earth. My inner voice kept telling me it was time to move on but I felt paralyzed. Instead of listening to what my soul was telling me, I stayed, way longer than I should have. I was stuck but safe. I was secure but I was stifled and stagnant. I was so afraid to make waves. Finally, after tuning into myself and tuning out of what the world expected of me, I was able to lean into the fear. And once I did that, the walls around me exploded, leaving a sparkling shower of glitter in their wake. I was FREE. I will help you find freedom, too.

Replace judgment with curiosity, and watch your world expand.


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