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Romita Bulchandani, Glitter For The Soul, Transformational Coaching

"I learned how to master my soul, so I could build wealth and change the world." 

- Romita Bulchandani

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Welcome to Glitter for The Soul®

I'm Romita, your Business Shaman and Spiritual Scientist, here to guide you on a transformative journey. Dive deep into the synergy of business success and spiritual growth, and embrace a richer life, inside and out.


With my background as a Global Nomad, Healer, and former Corporate F50 Junkie, I blend time-tested spiritual practices with modern business strategies, offering a holistic approach to mental health and personal growth."

My Experience:

What I Do

I see my clients as unique individuals, not just a set of symptoms or past traumas. Together, we navigate the blocks in your life, focusing on the root cause so you can heal deeply and become more in-tuned with your spirituality.


I uniquely merge business strategies with spiritual practices, using tools and resources that range from ancient practices like Reiki, Ayurveda, and Chakras, to modern, science-backed research.


The work we do together is intense and magical resulting in an organic transformation that illuminates your inner glitter.

Why I Do It

I'm on a mission to build a world where we normalize living life NOW, unapologetically, and on our own terms. At Glitter For The Soul®, we believe it's time for all of us to start living our dreams right now. If you're feeling drained physically, emotionally, and spiritually, it's time to take a closer look at what YOUR dream looks like!


I'm here to help you synergize your business success with spiritual growth, leading to a richer, more fulfilling life.

Why I Do This Work

Global study finds 78% of people feel “stuck” professionally and personally (77%)

What my clients are looking for?

While many of my clients resonate with terms like freedom, clarity, and self-love, the true depth of these concepts often unfolds during our coaching journey. Whether you're a spiritual guru, a corporate powerhouse, or a curious wanderer, I'm here to guide you towards a life that's both successful and spiritually enriched.

Spiritual Guru:
You've mastered the spiritual realm, but the business world feels like uncharted territory. You're seeking to infuse your spiritual growth into a thriving business model. I bridge that gap, integrating your spiritual wisdom with actionable business strategies, ensuring your inner growth translates into tangible success.

Corporate Powerhouse:

Your business acumen is top-notch, but there's a spiritual void. You're successful on paper, yet something feels amiss. I help you discover and articulate your soul's purpose, integrating this newfound spiritual insight into your career or business. Together, we'll ensure your professional success is aligned with your inner truth.

Curious Wanderer:
You've dabbled in various fields, possessing knowledge in both business and spirituality. Yet, there's a lack of direction, a missing link that ties everything together. I provide that strategic guidance, integrating both realms to give you a clear path forward. With me, you'll master the art of synergizing business acumen with spiritual growth.


Once I relearned how to communicate with my inner voice, my soul felt like it had been bathed in a stream of self-awareness. It was pure magic! Although it was hard work and filled with feelings of every kind, I learned how to get clear on the things that mattered most. I began setting boundaries, worked out my “why” and how to communicate it to myself and the world around me, and gained experience setting and living my intentions. Tougher still, I learned how to translate those needs to my tribe. For some, that meant a parting of ways – not everyone will be on board with your truth. For others, it meant connecting in deeper and more meaningful ways than I ever thought possible. Gaining clarity on who you are is an integral part of our work together.

Transformational Coach - Romita

Medellin, Colombia 


Lion's Head, South Africa 


I wasn’t always a Glitter Explorer®. For years I felt trapped in a corporate job that felt like hell on Earth. My inner voice kept telling me it was time to move on, but I felt paralyzed. Instead of listening to what my soul was telling me, I stayed way longer than I should have. I was stuck but safe. I was secure but stifled and stagnant. I was terrified to make waves. Finally, after tuning into myself and tuning out what the world expected of me, I was able to lean into the fear. Once I did that, the walls around me exploded, leaving a sparkling shower of glitter in their wake. I was FREE. I will help you find freedom, too.

Love YOU

When we are trapped in a world that isn’t right for us and lack clarity on where we need to go or what we need to do, self-love falls by the wayside. I was working 70+ hours a week in a job that gave me no sense of purpose. The constant barrage of stress and inner turmoil took a significant toll on me, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. So, I’d give myself the bandaid version of self-care I was conditioned to believe would work wonders. Spa days, nail appointments, haircuts, and the like were supposed to rejuvenate me.


If I gave myself what I really needed – like resting in bed and saying no instead of yes – I felt like a failure. I was so committed to the lie of corporate life that I couldn’t see the truth. I had become the person I needed to be to survive this life when what I needed was to learn how to thrive in a life of my own making. What I needed was to give myself the gift of true self-love. Learning what self-love is, and isn’t, is a promise I make to you when we take this journey together.


Cuzco, Peru

Romita Bulchandani, Glitter For The Soul, Transformational Life Coach
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