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My superpower is helping people reignite their souls to reach their highest potential and live with purpose.

the big vision

Imagine living in a world where mental self-care was routine, both personally and professionally.  What if taking care of ourselves wasn't an act of bravery, but expected? What if we lived each day with passion, and glittered our souls with purpose?  What would that world look like? 

Transformation Life Coach

your truth is like glitter it never goes away

what is transformational coaching?

It’s self-care. Mental self-care, that is. For years, I have been helping others to transform by making strategic shifts in mindset, living authentically by example. Life-coaching is a powerful tool, and my program focuses specifically on peeling back the layers to reveal your authentic self, aka your inner zebra.

What happens when we don't honor our authentic selves? Burnout happens. The technical definition of burnout is "an indication of disruption between what you are and what you do. It represents a loss of purpose, pride, spirit, and will." In other words, a depletion of your soul/spirit.

Chances are you've done some inner work to get where you are at this moment. You've realized that you are exhausted from being exhausted and know you should be living your best life.


how can Romita help! 

It may be tough to see at first, but revealing your authentic life is possible -- for everyone! Part of the reason why change can be so tricky is because it challenges the stories and identities that we have created for ourselves. Who am I outside of working for this company? Who am I outside of this relationship? These kinds of questions can be scary when faced alone.

As a transformational life coach, I will be your support, helping you reframe your narrative in a way that sets you up for an empowering and exciting new chapter. My coaching process emerged as part of my own life transformation, and it is intensely personal and sacred to me. It’s my calling to spread my glitter and help others pivot towards a life of purpose and passion.

Learn more about my personal transformation.

What is transformational coaching?

live unapologetically on your terms, then sit back and feel the magic.

reviews & accolades

A serious boost of confidence and clarity. -- Laëtitia S. 

Romita went above and beyond to help me reach my goals. -- Angie M.

I was able to figure out my next career move, improve my self-esteem and make some real changes to my daily routine that had an amazing impact on my physical, spiritual and mental well-being. -- Heather J.

Romita helped me overcome my hurdles and took the time to do it my way. —Darissel R.

Out of the box thinking and strategies that are helping me through a challenging time! -- Kelly H.

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transformational coaching

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Coaching for transformation

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