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Romita Bulchandani, Glitter For The Soul, Transformational Coaching

"Once our consciousness is awakened, there is only one way forward, and it's UP." 

- Romita Bulchandani

Photo Credit: Jhonatan Rodriguezo

Welcome to Glitter for The Soul®

A sanctuary where your business journey is embraced with the wisdom of spirituality. Imagine stepping into a space that feels like coming home, where every piece of advice is a gentle nudge guiding you towards paths you hadn't even dreamed of.


Here, we blend insightful business strategies with the transformative power of spiritual growth, creating a haven for the awakened entrepreneurs to thrive in authenticity and abundance.

My Experience:

What I Do

At Glitter For The Soul®, I guide visionary entrepreneurs on a transformative journey where business success and spiritual growth walk hand in hand.


Through a blend of strategic business consulting and deep spiritual exploration, I help you create a life and business that thrives financially and resonates with your soul's purpose.


From personalized coaching sessions to collaborative healer engagements, every aspect of my work is tailored to empower you to live authentically, aligning your professional endeavors with your deepest values and aspirations.

Why I Do It

My commitment to this work is fueled by a profound understanding that true success—and freedom—are multidimensional. It's about so much more than living authentically or achieving surface-level growth and healing. Having navigated my own journey of self-discovery, hiring numerous experts, and embarking on countless adventures, I've come to recognize the depth of transformation that's possible when you have the right resources and know how to leverage them strategically.

My purpose extends beyond mere guidance; it's about sharing these invaluable resources, connecting you with high-level healers, and sifting through to find and activate your higher self, allowing it to shine fearlessly. This work is about activation and healing, about unlocking the ultimate freedom that comes from deep, authentic alignment with your true self.


I am here to activate and heal as many people as my life will allow, guiding each one to a state of fearless, multidimensional freedom that transcends conventional definitions of success.

Hang With Us

When you hang out with amazing humans with STRONG mental health, the glitter dust rubs off on you!

Roll with us and start building a strong mind, body, and spirit for free!

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What are my clients looking for?

My clients come from diverse backgrounds, each resonating with the aspirations of freedom, clarity, and self-love. Yet, the true depth of these desires often reveals itself as we journey together.


Whether you're deeply rooted in spiritual practices, excel in the corporate world, or are exploring various paths in search of your calling, my role is to guide you toward a life that achieves success and is rich in spiritual fulfillment.

Spiritual Guide:

For those who have experienced transformation within the spiritual realm but find the business world daunting, I serve as the bridge. If you're looking to weave your spiritual insights into a thriving business, I'm here to integrate your inner wisdom with practical, actionable business strategies. It's about ensuring your spiritual journey enhances your professional success, making your business a true reflection of your inner growth.

Corporate Entrepreneur:  

If you're a master in the business arena but sense a spiritual disconnect, I'm here to fill that void. Success might be evident in your achievements, yet if something feels incomplete, it's likely a sign your soul is seeking expression. Together, we'll uncover and weave your soul's purpose into your professional life, ensuring your career not only prospers but resonates deeply with your true essence.

Curious Wanderer:
For those who have ventured into both the realms of business and spirituality but haven't found a cohesive direction, I offer strategic guidance to connect these dots. If you're seeking to harmonize your diverse experiences and knowledge, I'll help you find clarity and direction. With me, you'll learn to master the art of blending business acumen with spiritual insight, paving a clear path forward that aligns with your deepest values and aspirations.

Client Love

Walt Morgan, CO

“Romita sprinkles glitter on every soul she meets. She can't help herself--it's who she is and it's what she does.

I worked with Romita in corporate leadership development for years. Rarely have I encountered a more energetic, giving and wise spirit. Her life is an adventure, and all are invited to share in it; and each of us grows into a fuller version of ourselves when we do.”


Clarity is the cornerstone of a meaningful journey, both in business and in life. 'Get Clear' is our mantra for uncovering your true desires, goals, and the essence of what you seek to achieve.


Through deep, introspective work and strategic planning, we peel away the layers of doubt and confusion, illuminating your path forward.


This clarity becomes the foundation upon which we build your personalized strategy, ensuring every step you take is aligned with your vision and values.

Transformational Coach - Romita

Medellin, Colombia 


Lion's Head, South Africa 


Freedom is more than just a concept; it's a state of being that we strive to embody in every aspect of our lives. "Live Free" is about breaking the chains of conventional expectations and societal norms, creating a life and business that truly reflects your unique spirit and aspirations.


It's about embracing the freedom to make choices that resonate with your soul, to live and work in a way that brings you joy, fulfillment, and a profound sense of liberation.

Love YOU

At the heart of our journey is the fundamental principle of self-love. Love You" is a call to embrace yourself fully, to recognize your worth, and to honor your journey with compassion and acceptance. 


This self-love is not just about self-care routines; it's about making choices that reflect a deep respect and appreciation for yourself. It's about setting boundaries, prioritizing your well-being, and nurturing your growth.


When you love yourself truly, you create a life that is not only successful but also deeply enriching and joyful.


Cuzco, Peru

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