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Ways To Work With Me 

While similar themes and topics may surface, I find that the experience is different for every client. That’s why I prefer to take our work one session at a time. I’ll use the information I gather from your intake form, your Soul Journey entries, and our discussions to help you identify your goals and begin working towards them - whatever they may be.

There are a few things, however, that you can expect. You can expect a chance to experience my world travels and what mental health looks like from a diverse perspective. You can expect to experience support in a whole new way, along with methods for implementing that level of support in your own life.  

Keep scrolling to learn about the 1:1 Coaching Programs offered. 


What is a Glitter Mindset®?

Ultimately, a Glitter Mindset™ is whatever you make it to be. Why? Because it’s you, shining bright, in your authentic form, having transformed your fears into curiosity, your obstacles and hurdles into springboards, and your glass ceilings into open-ended opportunities. Your Glitter Mindset is positive, optimistic, uplifting, encouraging, curious, and BEAUTIFUL. It’s everything you want to be, shining brightly through you for those around you to see, respect, and be influenced by.


Online Life Coaching




360 Health

Where My Clients Work:

Glitter Expressions


There is so much around us - and inside of us - that sparkles. Your Glitter is your abundance, your inner shine, your authentic self. The more you see it and embrace it, the brighter it shines and the more sparkle it casts on the world around you. I call it Glitter because I love the way light reflects off of glitter - it can be unpredictable and even a little chaotic at times, but it’s always beautiful
and authentic. 

Glitter Bomb

This is a moment of clarity, when the light bulb turns on, you have an aha moment, or
you make a connection that illuminates an area in your life that seemed confusing or foggy. By digging within yourself, asking questions, and being nonjudgemental at the answers you find, you’re essentially throwing a Glitter Bomb into that dark or foggy area so you can gain insight!

Glitter Explorer®

A Glitter Explorer is someone who is always looking for that glitter, sparkle, or shine in the world around them with a desire to illuminate it so it can shine brighter than ever before. As someone who has fully embraced their inner Glitter Explorer and found so much joy from the experience, it’s now my mission to teach others how to do this - how to see and feel the love and
sparkle all around them.

Glitter Mindset™

Having a Glitter Mindset means that you are open to thinking outside of the box and staying outside of the box. It’s allowing yourself to be curious and explore all that the world around you has to offer WHILE also looking within yourself to discover what emotions lie within. You’re eager to ask questions, seek out your truth, and unearth your authentic self.

Glitter Fitness™

Just like physical health, maintaining your mental health requires consistent work.
Supplementing our minds and spirits with nourishment is essential to our overall health and wellbeing. When we pursue Glitter Fitness, we provide our minds, bodies, and spirits with the nourishment support they require to help us reach for and achieve our dreams authentic lives.


1:1 Glitter Coaching Options

Glitter Clarity

Glitter Clarity 

Clients who need help finding their glitter in a single specific area of their life, to bounce ideas around about a decision or upcoming transition, or want to find some clarity and define the direction of their next steps will benefit from a Single Sparkle Session. This includes:


  • One 75-minute virtual session hosted on Zoom

  • Recorded and transcribed for future reference and replay

  • Guidance on a deep dive into a particular area of your life

  • Discovery of strengths, values, purpose, and what may be keeping you stuck

  • Searching for the sparkle that is hiding all around you

  • Investment of $333

Glitter Mindset

This is my introductory six-month signature program specifically designed to help you have the energy, mental capacity, and motivation to overcome any obstacle that gets in your way. Throughout our time together, I’ll help you discover your Glitter Mindset™, build self-respect and self-love, and teach you how to set your authentic self loose on the world around you. It's an $8,888 investment. 

Glitter Explorer®

This is my intensive twelve-month program for those who are really serious and ready to jump all in. Once you’ve completed this program, I’ll recommend a minimum of a six-month break from any coaching to allow yourself to absorb and reflect on all you’ve learned and experienced. This program is designed to help you identify your authentic path, find enlightenment in areas that seem unclear, and make significant progress toward your dream life (professionally, spiritually, and personally). It's a $22,222 investment. 

Glitter Fitness

This package is for PREVIOUS clients only. It’s designed to help you continue the momentum of your progress by allowing you to purchase sessions at a discounted rate. This includes:

  • 75-minute virtual sessions

  • Convenient one-off scheduling

  • Supportive on-the-spot coaching in direction, strategy, brainstorming, cheerleading, encouragement, and/or creative problem solving

  • Absolute flexibility in terms of what each session focuses on

  • Topics: Personal Growth, Consulting (Business/Personal), Career Coaching, Life Coaching, etc. 

  • Limited direct access via text, email, and WhatsApp during business hours

Glitter Mindset

Will Glittering My Soul Get Messy?

The short answer is yes. When significant changes need to be made and challenging questions need to be asked, the process can get messy. But the mess never lasts for long, and cleanup is something we’ll do together!


Glitter Mindset® is a program that invites you to rediscover your authentic self. Unraveling all of the intricate knots we’ve tied throughout life is hard work.


The process starts with a deep cleaning of your internal house, which can be painful. But it’s a good pain, similar to sore muscles after returning to the gym after a long break. It hurts, but it’s a signal of growth and increased strength. And, when you work through it, you come out of it stronger, healthier, and fit for whatever life brings.


Glitter Mindset® is like that. When it’s done, your pain gets turned into wisdom. You will breathe more deeply, laugh more fully, and live life freely.


It’s this hard work that enables the light to not just shine on you but also reflect off of you, making everyone and everything around you shine, clear and bright.

Glitter Explorer

You Deserve More..
You Deserve to

Our world used to emphasize “self-care” practices as a courtesy to those around us.


We were taught to freshen up before dinner to look nice for our families. We washed our faces, combed our hair, and ironed our clothes so that our appearance was pleasing to others.


Fortunately, self-care has become more personal in recent years as a way to take care of our bodies and promote health and wellness. But if you’re relying on the occasional face mask, spa day, yoga session, outdoor hike, bike ride, or workout for your mental health self-care, then the harsh truth is that it’s never going to be enough for your mind, heart, and soul to thrive on.


Transformational Coaching offers something far more long-term. It’s designed to help you see abundance where you once saw scarcity and enables you to be completely and beautifully free from anything holding you back. Through Transformational Coaching, you’ll learn how to dream authentically and with ease so that you can live your very best life.


If reading this has touched on some tender spots, or you hear your inner voice urging you to keep going, then I encourage you to schedule an introductory call with me. I will help you identify what is holding you back from uncovering your authentic life (and shine) so that you can open the doors to a world of your making, perfectly aligned with the person you are meant to be.


Your Life will be Transformed when the work reveals a Glittered Soul.

Need More Time? 

I get it, hiring a coach can be overwhelming.  One part of you feels ready and the other part is slamming on the breaks.  I see you. I feel your hesitation. 

In the meantime, I've created some awesome tools & resources to help you put your mind at ease. These resources will help get started in your mental health journey at your own pace. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Frequently Asked Questions