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Keeping your soul in shape is how you continue the spiritual expansion.  
- Glitter Explorer 

Photo: Walking along the beach in Lima, Peru. 

This offer is for PAST clients only. 


The intention of this offering is to support you in your continued success in business and personal growth after the coaching program has ended. 

Healing growing and building wealth is an ongoing process.  Glitter Fitness™ here for you to tackle those tough moments to keep your momentum in flow. 

Topics: Personal Growth, Consulting (Business/Personal), Career Coaching, Life Coaching, etc. 

Keep your soul in shape with 
Glitter Fitness™ 


(6) Six 1:1 coaching sessions to use in one calendar year.  Virtual sessions via Zoom, FaceTime, or WhatsApp. Limited text and email access during business hours. Each (75) min session will be recorded and transcribed for you.

Business Strategy & Planning 

Continued business strategy and implementation consultation. Design and implement a custom plan to build wealth and change the world in your unique way. Practice strategically monetizing living in alignment with your purpose. Continued support on building your brand/business that supports you holistically and enables you to work smarter, not harder. 

Continued Personal Growth

Continue exploring and healing your relationship with yourself while fine-tuning the incoming clarity. Think of me as your lifeline coach/consultant to help you stay on track and continue your growth personally and professionally. 

Ecosystem Maintenance 

Maintain and elevate your newly built ecosystem. Your ecosystem is vital to your success, and knowing what you need and don't need is a process. Experience and explore how your ecosystem can organically support you.

Client Love 

Lauren Herring, NC

“I was at one of the lowest points in my life, but still hopeful for the future. Romita was able to come into my life and offer support, guidance, and wisdom. It has been a blessing to be able to work with her! Fast forward almost a year later and I am thriving rather than surviving. My life has immensely improved since welcoming Romita into my life!"
Foot Tracks on Sand

Consistency is how you master loving you. 

- Glitter Explorer 

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