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Jey, Business Analyst 

"Romita really embodies the concept of "glitter for the soul". Her sessions are full of bright ideas and brilliant insights. You'll also find that much like glitter, your experience with her is very hard to shake off and will stick with you for some time. She is fun, charismatic, and most importantly, unapologetically authentic. During our conversation, she was perceptive and thoughtful not only about my career but about the world at large. I was blown away by her engagement and her willingness to talk about some difficult topics. At this point in the review, I feel it's important to stress that I'm a cynic at the best of times. The kind of person who wouldn't normally write glitter filled niceties on the internet and who believes that the self-improvement industry is a scam. But, I'm so glad to be proven wrong through Romita. To have one person cheering you on can make all the difference. In short, let me borrow Kate Spade's words. She who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten. That is how I'd sum up my time with Romita." 

Armando, Engineer (Energy)

"After certain events, I've found myself in a very transformational period in my life. My mind has been firing 1000 MPH in very… very many directions; looking to evolve but somewhat lost at how to best chart the path. I met Romita last year traveling in Peru, and after seeing how she carried herself, I had the gut feeling to reach out to see if she could help me distill my thoughts into a purposeful direction. Halfway through our time working together, she has advanced my journey by a factor of years! Romita has a keen sense of intuition and wisdom from her habit of continuous improvement and working with the latest knowledge and practices. She's been helping me in health, finances, gaining clarity, living my unapologetic authentic self, and more importantly: helping me shed some white noise from a busy schedule to focus on what really matters to me. She works to understand her clients very well and works with them to prioritize mental health and find our own glitter to level up through and share with the world."

Becky, Entrepreneur

"Being raised in a strictly religious family setting left me with a long list of dos and don’ts in life, as well as a good amount of shame that I’ve never been able to live up to those expectations. Before meeting Romita, I never thought to ask myself questions like: What do I want out of life? Who do I want to be? How am I allowing the expectations of everyone around me to shape my life? After working with Romita for only a couple of months, I’m beginning to answer those questions and allow myself to be open to and explore interests that are finally exposing who I want to be instead of who others want me to be. I can’t even begin to describe the relief and freedom I now feel on a daily basis. I am so thankful forRomita’s patience and wisdom. She’s an excellent addition to anyone’s “Avenger Team.”

Emily, Entrepreneur

Romita has a unique gift of seeing through to the core of her clients and helping them develop their own "Glitter Mindset." She asks perceptive questions, provides support, and meets you where you are mentally and emotionally. Her work touches on all the important aspects of clients' lives- their environment, their relationship with money, their body image, and the impact they want to have on the world. Prior to speaking with Romita, I was stuck on the idea that changing careers would be a step backward in my growth. Her key metaphor of the "ladder" that keeps each of us in line with societal expectations helped me see that I was limiting myself. Our work together to dismantle my ladder of expectations allowed me to get in touch with my true passion and start taking steps towards a life that I truly love. Thank you, Romita, for sharing your gift!

Cheri, Sales Director 

I would highly recommend working with Romita. The activities she created for me to complete not only gave her great insight into who I am but also gave me a great reflection tool. Romita was thorough and spot-on in her observations. She saw me much more clearly than I saw myself and was able to articulate how I work in my zone of genius and how who I am lends to my future endeavors. During our last session, I highly expected her to up-sale me on the benefits of her full coaching program, to my surprise, she did no such thing. She was honest with me about my confidence, my power and to continue to trust my intuition. I respect anyone who does not try to leverage a relationship or a person's vulnerability for their gain. Romita's integrity is worth its weight in gold. It made me feel that everything she suggested and did was solely for my growth, development, and gain. Romita is amazing and I am glad I was able to experience her.

Heather, Accountant

I had a wonderful experience with Romita! During our time working together I was able to figure out my next career move, improve my self-esteem and make some real changes to my daily routine that had an amazing impact on my physical, spiritual and mental well-being. The exercises I learned are still things I do every day and I continue to improve because of them. I would recommend glitter for the soul to anyone that was looking for support and/or guidance, whether in their personal or professional life!

Jenni, Entrepreneur

“As a mom, I felt it was my duty to be the backbone of the family. I saw other moms giving 100% daily almost effortlessly and couldn’t understand why it felt so hard for me. Even when I was exhausting myself, I felt a pressure to give more, do more, be more. I turned to Romita because I wanted to find and unlock my inner strength. But what she helped me realize was that I was giving too much of myself, shouldering too much, without giving myself any love or care.

I was constantly working on an empty tank and while I thought it was what my family needed, what they actually needed was a full-tank mom who showed them how to love themselves, care for themselves, and set positive boundaries so that they could live their best lives. With Romita’s help, I stopped comparing myself to others, found better ways to handle tasks that exhausted and frustrated me, and became someone who practices self-love, which turns out to be the exact mom my children needed - the authentic mom.”

Satya, Entrepreneur

"Romita is a fantastic coach who really helped me get in touch with my feelings and gave me full permission to FEEL them and let them pass through me. Despite many years of doing therapy, personal development work, hiring coaches, and self-coaching - this is not something I had allowed myself to do and it has truly been a game-changer. Romita is perceptive and intuitive - and also has a great model to work you through - so she brings both her left-brained and right-brained genius to your sessions. I'd highly recommend hiring her!"

Amit, Entrepreneur

“I’ve felt out of place within my family for a long time. Growing up, I excelled in school, and my parents encouraged me to pursue a career that they felt would be successful for me. While I did get my doctorate, I did not take my career in the direction they wanted, and it’s become a tense point of conversation for my family. I began to distance myself, which seemed to further hurt the situation. I felt like I was at a lose-lose crossroads. Either I behaved like the son I was supposed to and constantly felt put down and looked down upon, or I severed ties with my family.  I turned to Romita, completely frustrated, overwhelmed, and at my wit’s end. She helped me unpack the years of pain I was carrying.  Romita introduced me to various ways to rebuild and maintain my mental health.  I’ve come to terms with my own path, knowing that it’s my chosen authentic path. I’ve learned to set boundaries with my family and stand up for myself, knowing that I’ve made the right decision for myself. I no longer give away my power. The relief I feel and the empowerment that I’ve given myself has been immeasurable. I feel lighter now.”

Jennifer, HR Manager

“This world places a lot of expectations on women. I felt the pressure early on to have it all together - a career path that would provide me with great opportunities and success and a personal life path that mirrored the conventional all-American family. This was so deeply ingrained in me that I never considered what I wanted or who I wanted to be. I woke up one morning realizing that while I didn’t hate my career, it wasn’t one of my choosing. I sought out Romita because I wanted to free myself from all of these expectations so that I could identify who I was and what I truly enjoyed. And I’m so thankful that I did. I feel an incredible connection with Romita and appreciate her perspective and the support she provides as I encounter setbacks and challenges. This process has been challenging, but the freedom I now feel, and the opportunity I have to be the person I want to be without succumbing to the pressures that others put on me, is such a relief.”

Robert, Tech Product Manager

“Growing up in this age of technology and easily accessible information has been incredible. I love that I can feel interested in a hobby, fully explore that hobby online, and dive in on a whim. The downside is that I feel very scattered as I try to maintain my hobbies and interests. I knew I wanted to work with a life coach or career coach to help me organize and manage my time. Romita made me feel comfortable from the start. In our early conversations, I realized that seeking out these hobbies might be my subconscious telling me that the conventional 9-5 career I had chosen for myself wasn’t fulfilling me - that I might be looking for a non-conventional career path, something that genuinely interested me and brought me happiness. That clarity has been incredible, and I’m so grateful for my time and work with Romita.”

LaJuan, Diversity Manager

Romita has worked with me to better my personal relationships and excel professionally. She encouraged me to not just work to achieve my goals but to remember to reward myself along the way. When I'm stuck, it's easy to become doubtful and critical. Romita helps me find my way back to my truth.

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