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Are you ready to glitter your soul? 

Hi There! My name is Romita.


I'm a Business Shaman + Spiritual Scientist. 


I make people rich(er) inside and out and there are 3 ways to experience me.  

P.S.  It’s not magic if it’s meant to be.



Grab my FREE workbook on how to gain clarity in your life.  As a bonus, you join the waitlist for my Glitter Newsletter talking about my Glitter Travels around the world and how to Diversify Your Mental Health.


Are you seeking clarity and insights to navigate your way forward? Book a Glitter Clarity session with me. In this powerful (60) min Zoom session you'll be connecting with me 1:1, a Business Shaman + Spiritual Scientist, and master in merging practical business strategies with profound spiritual wisdom. I will help you tap into your intuition, uncover hidden blocks, and explore innovative solutions to propel you forward. 

Unlike a full coaching package, the Glitter Clarity session is tailored for individuals who desire a concise yet powerful intervention. Within a focused conversation, our skilled facilitator will actively listen to your concerns, unraveling the layers of complexity surrounding your obstacle. **Limit (1) one per person. 


Experience the transformative power of 1:1 coaching with me. Together, we will embark on a personalized journey designed to fast-track your success in all aspects of life. Prepare to be equipped with invaluable tools and profound insights that will enrich your inner and outer wealth. Drawing upon my extensive business expertise and scientifically backed spiritual principles, I will empower your business to flourish while nurturing your energy, mental resilience, and an unwavering motivation to overcome any obstacle. Throughout our partnership, you will unlock the remarkable potential of your Glitter Mindset™, cultivate self-respect and self-love, and unleash your authentic self upon the world around you. Get ready to transcend boundaries and achieve unprecedented heights.

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