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Self Care Tools & Resources

You might be on the fence about hiring me as your coach, or you are just not ready right now. Whatever your reason, it should not hinder you from starting the healing process while gaining clarity on what you need. 

I have created these workbooks with much love and intention to help you in different aspects of your life. There are no strings attached to these resources. As I mentioned in my introduction video, my life purpose is to help you discover and NORMALIZE your mental health. Over time, this page will be updated based on new materials and learnings. 

Glitter Book Recommendations

My intention for these recommendations is to help you get started in your own self healing journey. These books challenged me while I reshaped my mindset. Some of these books may be triggering....that is a good thing because you can dig deeper to understand the big WHY.


Some of these titles become homework when you work with me, and we unpack them together.


It's transformative! 

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