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Let’s Redefine our Perception of Freedom

Let me guess; you’re wondering if you made a wrong turn online because you’ve found yourself on a
“Freedom” page, and last time you checked, you were already free.

If you wholly base your concept of freedom on the political sense of the term, then yes, technically, we
are all free to live our lives. But humor me for a moment as we take a slightly different approach to the
word Freedom.

Set aside the life you’re currently living and ask yourself what you’d rather be doing. Taking a nap?
Enjoying some sunshine? Lying on a beach somewhere? Those are all snappy replies that we say half-
jokingly when someone asks us that question. But I want you to ignore those half-jokes and truly ask
yourself: If you had no limits in life, what would you be doing?
Good! Now how do we get you there?

Small Business Owner

You Deserve More

I’m serious. You deserve to live that dream life that feels so unreachable right now! Whether it’s running a small cafe on a beach, traveling from destination to destination with only a backpack, living out of your RV, or even settling down in that beautiful southern mansion with a wraparound porch, reading books, and meditating your way through life, you deserve to live it! And you, just like every other individual, have a life path that leads you there if you’re willing to undertake the “risk” associated with it.

But too often, we find ourselves scared to fight the traditional current and seek our own path in life. By the time we enter the workforce, we have this internal dialogue that tells us to live life cautiously.


We’re afraid to leave toxic work environments without the safety net of another job lined up. We’re afraid to forge our own path forward by starting our own business or being an entrepreneur because we’ll be solely relying on ourselves, and there is no assurance that we’ll succeed. But what would it look like if we set those fears aside and lived our fullest life?

I'm Talking About Really Living a FREE life

The beautiful thing about our world is that everyone is truly an individual. Your version of a free life is very personal. No one else can tell you how to define it, but they’ll sure try!


Here is what my client's FREE life looks like: 

  • Takin an afternoon nap because you can 

  • Waking up when your body is ready 

  • Changing directions because leaning into curiosity is fun 

  • Taking on new responsibility by choice on your terms

  • Choosing to show up for yourself EVERY damn day

  • Free to change your mind without a reason 

  • Starting your own business cuz you know your worth

  • Trusting yourself to make life-changing decisions

  • Believing you’re worthy of your dreams

  • No more golden handcuff 

  • Living without obligation 

  • Living in the driver's seat of your life

Young Man Cooking
Others Will Teach You to Conform

We were not raised to aim for the stars. From the moment it occurs to us as children that we get to
choose our future adult occupation, we have dreams. Some want to be an artist, some want to be POTUS, some want to be astronauts, some want to be teachers, and some want to work at a zoo! But as soon as we begin voicing those dreams, they’re shot down one by one.

  • “Fairy princesses aren’t real.”

  • “You have to be born into the right family to become the president.”

  • “You’ll never make it into the NASA program - it’s too difficult and competitive.”

  • “Teachers are underpaid - pick something that makes a little more money.”

  • “You can’t work at a zoo your whole life - that’s not realistic.”


I heard it as a child, and I hear parents voicing those concerns to their children every time I’m out in public. And sure, those statements seem to be coming from a place of responsible concern for the welfare of their child, but why are so we so eager to stomp on their dreams from such a young age?




It all comes down to our perspective on and relationship with money. As adults, we think we know that financial means are the key to living a comfortable life. Everything has a price tag, and it’s our duty as parents to ensure our children have the skills necessary to pay for everything they want. All of our fears surrounding life and money come from our parents, and we will inevitably pass it on to our children or younger relatives.

We have this belief that the risk of living our best life is too great without the immediate financial means to achieve it.


However, in my experience as a Transformational Coach, fear of risk is simply an effect of a much greater underlying obstacle: the feeling of unworthiness.

The Problem

The short answer is that no one ever taught you that you are worthy. How many times have you voiced your opinion - your truth - only to be told that it’s not correct, valid, or important?


When that happens, time and time again, and we don’t have the support of someone reminding us to trust our own instincts and voice, it becomes far too easy to give in and begin not trusting ourselves. (This is a symptom of the way our society approaches mental health, which needs a dramatic makeover - Let’s Normalize Mental Health!!)


This lack of trust leads to an inevitable lack of confidence. Suddenly you don’t feel comfortable applying for that promotion. You second guess your desire to go back to school for a completely different career. You lose the motivation to launch your own startup because that fear of failure is simply too strong.

Whatever the scenario, it traces back to a lack of confidence, which is brought on by a feeling that you can’t trust your own instincts. Together those two feelings can convince you that you are unworthy of reaching for your stars and living your Free Life. Refuting those deeply rooted negative feelings can be challenging, especially if you’re trying to tackle them independently.

Turning to a Transformational Coach can help to give you an unbiased and third-party perspective that makes it so much easier to discern between your true voice and the absorbed fears that others have placed upon you.

The Solution

There is no overnight solution. The only way is by manually rewiring your brain and instilling a new internal dialogue that helps you remember that you are in control of your own life and DESERVE everything you want and more. And this takes time, which is why I recommend working together for six (6) months (and trust me, you’ll be shocked at how fast it flies by!).


During this time, we’ll remove any voices of doubt that are not yours, getting to the root of your fears distrust, and feelings of unworthiness. Once we have shed light on those areas, we can begin identifying what your truth looks like. Having a clear knowledge of where you want to be or what you want to be doing will help you begin practicing standing up for yourself, living your authentic life, and reaching for goals that don’t seem all that far away anymore.

Let’s schedule a time to chat to explore your glitter around the topics of your dream life, your relationship with money, and what internal dialogue might be holding you back from pushing through the glass ceiling you’ve placed over yourself. 

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