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What is Clarity Coaching?

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

What is Clarity Coaching?

"Clarity is the moment we see without opening our eyes”- Stephanie Banks.

I’ve spoken with so many individuals who had no idea they lacked clarity until we took a closer look at their challenges or the emotions they were feeling. I think the primary reason for this is that feeling unsure about our decisions is a social norm. “That’s just life” is a standard answer we hear from grown-ups all around from when we’re kids all the way into our twenties. But it’s not! That is not the way life is!

Clarity is something that we should seek out on a daily basis because it’s not going to simply fall into our laps unless we ask it to. By seeking personal clarity, we’re telling ourselves and the universe that mindlessly drifting through life isn’t enough for us. We want to live consciously, allowing ourselves to dream and then manifest those dreams into reality. We want to seek out our purpose, embrace it, and live it to the fullest! (It's become such a huge topic in recent years that Forbes wrote a brief article on it!)

But because we’re not taught that, and we’re not raised to seek it out, many individuals have no idea where to start asking questions. This is why working with a Clarity Coach can be a decisive step in the right direction. Not only can they help you begin asking questions and identifying the answers you’re lacking, but they can also help you look inward to identify your true purpose, which will naturally lead you towards clarity.

In this blog, I want to discuss some of the basics of clarity and Clarity Coaching, so let’s dive right in!

What Does it Look Like When You Lack Clarity in Life?

If you lack clarity in your life, you might find yourself constantly unsure of your next step. You might feel as though you’re walking through a fog, unable to bring your future into focus. However, it could also be as subtle as feeling frustrated with your current situation but not knowing what you want to change.

You may have settled for an education and/or degree simply because it made sense or it was one that you (or your family) thought would provide you with long-term career stability. But if you’re not passionate about it, or you find yourself ambivalent about it, there’s a good chance it’s not your true purpose.

Or you could be in a relationship or partnership that looks good on paper but leaves you feeling unsatisfied, bored, or even depressed. Beginning the search for clarity can give you the confidence to leave those unpassionate or toxic relationships and find wholeness within yourself so that you’re ready if/when the right relationship comes along.

However you’re feeling, admitting to yourself that you lack clarity is the first step to achieving it!

How Do You Find the Right Clarity Coach for You?

The short answer is that you schedule an introductory call with them. During that time, you should ask questions and get a feel for their personality and coaching style. After the call, think about how they made you feel. Did you feel comfortable talking with them? Did the conversation flow smoothly? Did they challenge you in a way that made you see a fresh perspective? Do you feel like they’re knowledgeable on the topics you discussed?

Also, don’t be nervous or afraid to ask for references. They may have several client testimonials they’d be willing to share with you or even a previous client willing to chat about their experience.

If you don’t feel they’re the right fit for you, keep searching! There are a lot of coaches out there, and you’ll absolutely be able to find one that best suits your needs and personality.

What Can You Expect From a Clarity Coach?

A Clarity Coach is not going to give you the answers. Instead, they will ask you leading questions that will help you look inside yourself for the answers. Why? Because that’s where the answers lie! Clarity doesn’t come from any external source; it entirely comes from within. We just have to dig through our experiences, traumas, and brainwashing to uncover it. This is what Clarity Coaching truly is - removing the dust, grime, and film from the mirror so that we can see a reflection of our authentic selves.

That said, it’s important to note that Clarity Coaching is not an easy process. It will hurt - sometimes more than others. Because you’ll be poking at those suppressed emotions and traumas, it may feel like you’re reliving them. However, a Clarity Coach will help to soften that experience, providing you a safe space to feel those emotions, work through them, and discuss them with someone you can trust to have your best intentions at heart.

Do You Need More Than One Clarity Coaching Session?

Generally speaking, yes, you will need more than one clarity coaching session.

Everyone is unique. Until we assess your specific situation and goals, we can’t fully estimate how many sessions you may need to find the answers you’re looking for. While I typically recommend a 6-month coaching package, you may find clarity in only a month or two, or you may find that the answers you thought you were looking for are only the tip of the iceberg.

Clarity Coaching isn’t magic. It’s not something that will solve all your problems overnight. However, in the process of exploring what makes you who you are and what traumas from the past you may be holding onto that are preventing you from attaining clarity for the future, you will acquire the skills and resources needed to help you overcome challenges and obstacles more easily in the future.

How Do You Know When You’ve Achieved Clarity?

It may sound cliche, but the honest answer is that you’ll just know.

I find that a great way to look at it is to imagine peeling an onion or an artichoke. Every layer you peel reveals another layer of the vegetable. Similarly, the stages of enlightenment or clarity come in layers. Every time you hit a layer, you feel a shift in the weight of your body in a good way. It's almost noticing a muscle you didn't even know you had until your start working it.

Whether you’re looking for clarity in your personal or professional life, when it all aligns, it will feel as though the final puzzle piece has clicked into place, the fog has finally lifted, and you know exactly where you’re going and how you want to get there. Sure, there will still be some details that need to be ironed out, but when you achieve clarity, your feet will seem to move forward on their own, guiding you towards your authentic self and a life that you will love living.

While this process looks different for everyone, that incredible denouement moment is fairly universal. As a Clarity Coach, I’ve seen it in the eyes of my clients - the moment where their vision clears, and everything aligns. It’s a beautiful moment, and it happens to be my favorite part of coaching.

What’s the First Step?

The first step is to take action. I encourage you to speak with one or more Clarity coaches to help you determine if a) you’ll benefit from working with one and b) which one best fits your needs and personality. By chatting with several of them, you’re sure to find one you feel comfortable speaking with and confiding in, ensuring that your time with them is effective and productive. Your coach won’t be much help to you if you’re not comfortable sharing your truths with them.

Even if you’re unsure that clarity coaching and consulting is for you, you’re welcome to schedule an introductory session with me. During this 30-minute consultation, we’ll chat about your current situation and the areas where you feel confused or foggy. Even if you decide I’m not the right coach for you, I promise you’ll get value out of our time together, even if it’s just access to a resource that leads you in the right direction.

So go ahead and click the button below to schedule your appointment with me. I look forward to chatting with you!

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