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Self-Care Affirmations

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

Self-Care is the Best Care

I love to help individuals learn to love themselves every day through a variety of practices ranging from self-care morning routines and self-care affirmations to taking care of ourselves and our mental health by tracking daily energies.

While we need to find our own path to positive results in everyday life, I believe that a winning mindset is the foundation of developing a healthy relationship with ourselves.

Self-Care Isn’t Selfish

Taking care of yourself should be considered a natural part of our personal health routine.

Unfortunately, it is a concept that fills millions of people with guilt in this world. If you’re in this boat,

you are not alone.

The fact that it’s not selfish to practice self-care is something I cannot emphasize enough. How can you possibly look after others without giving yourself (mind and body) the love you deserve? (And yes, you do deserve love!) Learning to take care of yourself is often the best way, not least because it sets an example for those around you.

Benefits of Self-Care

  • Self-care gives your body the energy to be more active

  • Self-care yields increased happiness and translates to increased productivity

  • You will have a clearer mindset, resulting in better decision-making

  • You will be less prone to mental exhaustion

  • Self-care lets you use your positive experiences to support others

Life is too short to ignore your wellness. If you don’t believe me, the Dalai Lama’s thoughts on man’s strangest habit will prove the point. Investing time in self-care affirmations forms a huge step on the path to realizing that you deserve to feel content in your daily life.

Learning to honor yourself by making yourself a priority could mean investing in your look, eating well, exercising, getting more sleep, meditating, or practicing an affirmation. It's all based on personal preference, and you are worthy of taking the time to figure out what methods work best for you!

My Affirmations For Self Care Mean I Forgive Myself

Nobody in this world is perfect, and it’s natural to be your own worst critic. However, focusing on past mistakes isn’t healthy.

As long as you learn from past mistakes, they can be part of your self-development journey. The harsh reality is that you can’t turn back the clocks. So, you may as well forgive yourself and move forward.

As Part Of My Self-Care Plan, I Let Go Of What I Can’t Control

Positive affirmations often center around self-discovery. Perhaps one of the most important

breakthroughs is that you can’t control everything. When you free yourself of issues that are out of your management, you can focus on controlling the controllable. It removes the stress and frustration that trying to fix what can’t be fixed may bring.

I’ll admit this is probably the hardest part of self-care to master. It’s difficult not to care about what

others think, but with over 8 billion people on the planet, we can't always agree on everything.

Reduce Negative Thoughts and Unlock Improved Mental Health

  1. Choose not to take things personally

  2. Remember that negativity often comes from a place of jealousy

  3. Focus on living in the moment rather than worrying about the future

  4. Learn to enjoy the process of self-care and improvement

  5. Accept that some people are just not worth your time

You only have 24 hours in the day and a limited amount of energy. Learning to free yourself of negative thinking and invest in areas where you can actively make a difference is a key component of gaining Glitter Clarity.

I Am Great: My Favorite Affirmations

Many life coaches will focus on affirmations for self-care that revolve around the idea of “I am enough.” But why settle for being enough? YOU ARE GREAT!

However, only you can allow yourself to embrace that greatness - although personal coaching can help you find the key to unlocking your potential.

Supported by the self-care affirmations above, remind yourself that “I am empowered and capable of anything.”

While self-esteem comes naturally to some people, if you’re not one of them, you can build it by

practicing these ideas along with your favorite affirmation:

  1. Write down the personality traits that make you special

  2. Make a list of the major achievements you’ve made in life

  3. Break goals into manageable steps and reward yourself at each milestone

  4. Remind yourself of how many lives you have touched

  5. Remember the times you exceeded expectations or overcame adversity

Allow yourself to be great, and you will be. If you need further support with affirmations for self-care or self-love, get in touch today.

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