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Let's Talk Chakras and Self-Care

Rainbow Mountain, Peru, Guru Explorers
Meditation in Rainbow Mountain, Peru. Photo Credit: Guru Explorers

When it comes to personal care, many people focus on things like exercise, diet, and relaxation. However, the energy centers called chakras should also be a factor. By incorporating meditative exercises and daily and seasonal rituals into your chakras self-care, you can have improved energetic flow, you can improve your spiritual health, and your own energetic well-being.

If you've never considered the healing power of chakras with everyday rituals and want to learn about the seven main chakras and how they can improve your spiritual health, then read on! We'll cover the chakra system, the self-care features they offer and how to incorporate chakras self-care into your daily rituals.

Glitter Explorer®, Medellin Colombia, Glitter For The Soul®
Meditation at Bloom Coworking, Medellin Colombia. Photo Credit Jhonathan Rodriguez.

What are the Chakras? Sacred Healing Power

These powerful energy centers called Chakras keep us balanced, leading us to feel happier and alert, with optimal health. This is something that ancient cultures understood, but our society today has nearly forgotten.

The chakras can become blocked, which can lead to physical or emotional problems. This is why maintaining them with activation exercises and consistent chakras self-care is important. You can unblock the chakras using meditation, yoga, and aromatherapy with essential oil blend recipes.

What Does a Chakra Imbalance Look Like?

  • Feeling out of balance or "off"

  • Difficulty focusing or staying in the moment

  • Feeling stressed or overwhelmed

  • Chronic pain or illness

  • Difficulty forming or maintaining relationships

When your chakras are out of balance, it can affect your overall health and well-being. If you're not sure whether you have a chakra imbalance, you can ask an experienced friend, life coach, or chakra expert for help.

What Can You do on Your Own for your Chakra System?

Find out which chakra is out of balance.

You can take a quiz, use an online chart, or find an overall comprehensive guide on the topic. You can also consult a Reiki practitioner. They have tools and methods to help align them through chakras self-care.

Glitter Explorer® journaling, Transformational Life Coach, Business Coach
Medellin, Colombia Photo Credit Jhonathan Rodriguez

Address the imbalance.

Once you know which chakra is out of balance, there are several things you can do to re-balance and benefit from their sacred healing power, including:

  • Meditative exercises (ex: a daily shower meditation ritual)

  • Yoga or other exercises to energize and align your body

  • Balance your diet with fresh fruits and vegetables (also providing better physical health)

  • Spend time in nature, connecting with elemental forces and nature's rhythms

Seek out timeless teachings from ancient cultures and therapies like massage, acupuncture, and aromatherapy with essential oil blend recipes

Regularly check in on your chakras.

Check-in on your chakras regularly in order to experience the healing power of chakras. This means connecting with yourself and your chakras with everyday rituals and activation exercises.

By paying attention and addressing imbalances, you can activate the healing power and benefit from better physical health and well-being by keeping your self-care aligned.

The Benefits of Working with a Reiki Master

Working with a Reiki Master, Sound Healer, or someone skilled in energy healing can also be beneficial. They can help guide and support you through affirmation, visualization, and activation exercises and help you tap into the healing power of chakras while you enjoy optimal health through self-care features and daily rituals.

They can also help you to connect with your inner wisdom, intuition, and powerful energy centers, providing guidance in times of need or everyday life. In addition, they offer healing energy and support, both physically and emotionally.

If you want to deepen your spiritual practice, are facing a difficult time, or want to work with someone to keep your chakras and your self-care aligned, work with a Reiki Master on your inspiring journey to gain a deeper understanding of and activate the healing power of chakras.

Setting Your Chakra Self-Care Routine with Essential Oil Blend Recipes

Our chakra system for peace is essentially the root of our well-being. Chakra self-care is essential for keeping our energy balanced and our lives in check. So, what should your chakras self-care routine look like?

Focus on your chakras with everyday rituals that open and energize your chakras while aligning them to activate the healing power. Yoga, meditation, and aromatherapy are all great options.

You might also want to try incorporating some crystals or sacred stones into your routine. Rutilated quartz is a great crystal to use for overall energy balancing, while amethyst can calm and soothe the mind.

Using essential oils is a great addition to your daily and seasonal rituals. They are affordable, easy to find, and can be adapted to your specific chakras self-care technique.

Be mindful of what you're doing and how it makes you feel. If an activity, crystal, essential oil, or one of your sacred stones isn't resonating, try something else.

Wheel of Life by Anodea Judith

Identifying the Right Chakras Self-Care for You

Identify the everyday rituals that are best for your chakras by first learning about each of them. The seven main chakras are located in different areas of the body. Each one is responsible for specific aspects of our lives.

When the seven main chakras are balanced, we experience improved energetic flow, which leads us to feel happy and healthy. But when one or more of them becomes blocked, we can experience physical or emotional problems.

To help clear any blockages and restore balance, it's important to engage in activities that support each chakra. Here's a brief overview of the seven main chakras and how to energize each of them and embrace the timeless teachings that ancient cultures understood:

The Root Chakra

Located at the base of the spine, it is responsible for our sense of security and grounding. To energize it, connect with nature's rhythms, or try exercises like yoga or Pilates that focus on strengthening the core, or eat foods that are earthy and grounding, like root vegetables.

The Sacral Chakra

Located in the lower abdomen, it is responsible for our creativity, sexuality, and emotions. To energize it, try activities that get you moving, like dancing or running, or eat foods that are associated with pleasure, like chocolate or candy.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

Located in the upper abdomen, it is responsible for our confidence and self-esteem. To energize it, try activities that make you feel powerful, like weightlifting or martial arts, or eat foods that are spicy or warming, like chili peppers.

The Heart Chakra

Located in the center of the chest and is responsible for our love and compassion. To energize it, try activities that open your heart, like meditation or aromatherapy massages, or eat foods that are nurturing and supportive, like avocados or bananas.

The Throat Chakra

Located at the base of the neck, it is responsible for our ability to communicate. To energize it, try seasonal energy rituals that allow you to express yourself openly, like writing or painting, or eat foods that are flavorful and aromatic, like ginger or mint.

The Third Eye Chakra

Located in the center of the forehead, it is responsible for our intuition, unique focus, and imagination. To energize it, try affirmation, visualization, and activation exercises that allow you to connect with your inner self, like journaling or mindfulness meditation, or eat foods that are light and refreshing, like cucumbers or watermelon.

The Crown Chakra

Located at the top of the head, it is responsible for our connection to the divine and is the apex of the chakra system for peace. To energize it and find alignment, fulfillment, and purpose, try activities that allow you to feel at peace, like yoga or nature walks, or eat foods that are calming and peaceful, like chamomile tea or oatmeal.

Enjoy Your Exploration of the Teachings of the Chakra

This is by no means a comprehensive guide. You'll need to do additional reading and seek out sacred wisdom in order to find the best daily rituals for you. No matter which activities or seasonal energy rituals you choose for your chakras self-care or how you embrace the timeless teachings of the chakra to seek out alignment, fulfillment, and purpose, be consistent.

Schedule time each week to focus on balancing. You'll feel better physically and emotionally and open yourself up to new levels of creativity and spirituality.

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