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Design Your Self-Care Morning Routine

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

You know what makes me so happy? Seeing so many new websites, blogs, and individuals out there promoting the practice of self-care!

I feel as though ever since the middle of 2020, it’s become more socially acceptable to take care of ourselves. I’m not sure if it’s because we had more time to do so during lockdown or if the state of the world gave us reason to self-reflect. Whatever led to it, we’re beginning to see a change in opinion: self-care is not selfish or arrogant - it’s necessary and should be made a priority.

But it can still feel awkward when you’re starting out. It may have been so long since you last practiced self-care that you may have no idea where to start. After all, you get a manicure every once in a while; isn’t that enough? (ABSOLUTELY NOT!!) So let’s review how you can create your very own self-care morning routine.

Start with a Self-Care Vision Board

I love this idea, especially if you are a very visual person. Get out a sheet of paper, a journal, or even an entire posterboard, and begin piecing together colors, textures, items, and activities that make you feel more YOU!

  • Love to read? Put some books up there.

  • Feel at home out in nature? Let’s get some grass, trees, flowers, and greenery on the board!

  • Does exercising rejuvenate you? Pin copies of your favorite workouts!

Whatever it is that makes you feel happy, comfortable, content, and at peace, get it on the board. Then take a step back, see how it all fits together, and ask yourself how you can incorporate those comfort items into a self-care routine.

Consider your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Self-care doesn’t stop with your body. Sure, you might enjoy working out, increasing your water intake, working through your skincare routine, and maybe throwing in the occasional bubble bath, but that may not be nourishing your mind or spirit. So how can we take those into consideration as well?

Well, let’s say that someone asks you to skip your regular morning routine or shorten it up. You have the ability to say “No.” Period, end of discussion. That in and of itself is self-care! You’re showing yourself and others that you are a priority and that self-care is as important as a trip to the doctor’s office or stopping for lunch because your stomach is growling and you need the energy to make it through the day!

If you aren’t already practicing Grounding, then I strongly encourage you to incorporate it into your morning routine. (If you aren’t familiar with this practice or want to learn more, check out this article on Healthline titled “Grounding: Exploring Earthing Science and the Benefits Behind It.) Whether you sit outside for your morning meditation or stand out in the sun for a few minutes, preferably with your bare feet connecting with the grass and soil, Grounding is an excellent way to start your day out on the right foot (pun fully intended).

Other ways to incorporate mind and spirit self-care are to practice meditation and/or mantras, research manifestation, expand your mind through learning or research, or even turn off your phone, close your eyes, and just be. If you begin to incorporate this into your daily morning routine, you’ll be amazed at just how soothed and nourished you’ll begin to feel.

Include Plenty of Self-Nurturing Activities

What is a self-nurturing activity? Any activity that leaves you feeling reenergized! That might be choosing to eat healthy, practicing yoga, taking a long walk outside, or even sitting on the beach or next to a lake and meditating, journaling, or reading. These are activities that focus solely on you and your needs. During these moments, it shouldn’t matter what anyone else thinks of you, expects of you, or wants from you. This is a time to practice ignoring all of that and focusing on your needs, wants, and dreams.

This is also a perfect time to get in touch with your body. I know I mention this a lot, but full body scan meditations are an incredible way for you to connect with and listen to your body. Look for areas that are stiff, sore, or tense. Take notice of any outward symptoms such as a sore throat, tender stomach, or even minor headaches. By doing this on a daily basis, you’ll often be able to tell when you’re about to get sick or when you’re letting stress get the best of you. Identifying this is key to preventing any toxins from fully taking hold within your body (and mind).

End the Morning on a Positive and Relaxing Note

Pick a couple of your favorite mantras to end your morning routine. As you’re pouring your tea, coffee, or ice water and getting ready to walk out the door or sit down at your computer, practice your mantras. Not only will this help set the tone for your entire day, but it can also keep you in a positive mindset, no matter what life or work throws at your that day. Some of my favorites include:

  • I am centered and at peace.

  • I have enough, I do enough, I am enough.

  • I will achieve great things through small steps.

  • I create my own path and walk it with joy.

  • I will have a good day because it is my choice.

A quick Google search will give you hundreds or even thousands of mantras to pick from. Choose the ones that speak to you or to the you that you’re trying to coax out of hiding.

Follow Through - Don’t Forget to Take Care of Yourself

Yes, it’s easy and fun enough to design a self-care morning routine, but actually following through with it on a daily basis can mean waking up earlier each day and exercising self-control and diligence so that you’re actually putting the plan into practice. Don’t be hard on yourself if you miss a day. Go to bed each night setting the intention that you’re going to wake up and go through your new routine. With that mindset and determination, it won’t be long before it’s a habit that doesn’t take much willpower at all!

Enjoy Your New Self-Care Morning Routine!

Remember, self-care is supposed to be fun and re-energizing! If you’re avoiding working through your plan, it may need a little finesse. You should look forward to this time every day as it’s time you’re devoted solely to yourself and your own needs.

Even after a couple of weeks, I think you’ll be amazed at how much more in tune you feel with yourself, how well you’re beginning to communicate with your body and inner needs, and the effect that moving through your day on a full tank has on your professional and personal life.

If you’re looking for additional self-care support, check out what I have to offer on my Resources page. There you can find some free worksheets that may help you in your Self-Care Morning Routine or a resource that simply helps you look at life with a set of fresh lenses.

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