A Letter to My Future Self

Dear Romita, ​

So far, you have survived 100% of your worst days.  You left your dream job to live your dream life. Exploring the world, living with passion, and glittering your soul with purpose. Living happily homeless,  you hop from country to country seeking the unknown truth and growing your community.  

Don't stop your research on cognitive are on to something, stay on course. Continue seeking out people worldwide, listening to their stories with an open heart, and expanding your perspective. You will find a way to teach your learnings and help others grow into a kinder human race. 

A unicorn leading by example, you will build a brand that inspires other beautiful minds to reignite their inner unicorn and soar proudly to their dreamed destination.  

Hold on, the year 2020, will be the start of a rough road, beginning with a global pandemic. You will be forced to come back to your roots in North Carolina to wait out the roughest part of the storm. You will not be happy and will get over it.  More significant than a virus, the Black Lives Matter movement will ignite conversation globally on systemic racism and social inequality. 

After riding many roller coasters of mixed emotions and you will be motivated to no longer keep your silence.  Old memories buried deep will emerge to the surface.  Thoughts of being called a terrorist after 9/11 because of your skin color and recollections of being told at work, "diverse resumes just don't do well here" will open up old wounds.   

Adversity gives us strength. We would not be who we are without it.  Stay on course, continue on the right side of history and be a voice of change.  Respect your past, allow it to shine a light to help guide you through.  Remember, you are a unicorn!  

The BLM movement will be the catalyst that heals wounds left from the past.  Don't be afraid to dig deep; the freedom of this pain will be worth it.  

Stay on track. Follow your dreams.  Your purpose is more significant than you know.  Use your craft to guide companies and professionals to overcome burnout and reignite their inner unicorn.  Be a part of the change in corporate culture!  Teach companies to see the beauty in people. Show them how to grow and cultivate their talent while building diverse teams. 

You will live an authentic life and actively seek diverse perspectives while continuing to share your knowledge. You will teach others how to become aware of their unconscious biases.  Be an advocate for change, cognitive diversity, inclusion, and equality.  Continue to bravely feed your curiosity and seek out what makes you uncomfortable.  

Remember, I am already so proud of you.  I believe in you and will always have your back. 

You are enough.  

You are beautiful. 

You are loved. 

You are a unicorn. 



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