i'm a glitter explorer!

how i got my glitter...

Hello! My name is Romita Bulchandani, and I'm a Glitter Explorer®! Several years ago, I left my corporate dream job to live my dream life. You might be thinking, did I just read that right? You did!


For 15 years, I served as a leader in Fortune 200 companies like The Walt Disney Company, Marriott International, and DaVita. Learn more about my career here.


On paper, I was successful, driven, and a top performer. I had spent my entire life doing "the right things," i.e., going to college, landing a job, and climbing the corporate ladder, only to wake up one day and realize I wasn’t happy. I found myself exhausted, drained, and overworked. I felt like a zebra lost in a field of horses. Not only that, shame and guilt tugged at my soul.


Acknowledging I had a bigger purpose in life, I decided to quit my "dream" job and listen to my heart. It took me to the airport. Traveling made me realize there are so many unicorns out there just like me, experiencing burnout, and looking for an escape.


After spending six months redesigning my own life, I knew I wanted to help others conquer burnout and develop tools to reveal their purpose. Driven by my real-world experiences and passion for living authentically, glitter for the soul was born.

Now, I am living my purpose through transformational coaching, while leaving glitter trails along the way.


Certified Coach accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) 


what to expect 

As your transformational life coach, I provide a safe place for you to share your fears, anxieties, and dreams. Whether it's working through a significant life decision, moving through a transition, or pursuing career growth, I'm here for you every step of the way.


Together, we will uncover a strategy for your next chapter and design a plan to bring it all to life.


We will define success on your terms. This six-month program teaches you my ZEBRA mindset® through 12 structured zoom sessions, with unlimited text and email access during business hours. Customized thinking and writing exercises will focus our conversations and paint trails of glitter to your authentic self.


ZEBRA mindset 


Boldly show your stripes!

  • Invest

    Commit to the program. I will help you regain your confidence to live authentically.

  • Honor the Past

    Together, we will look at the past to shine a light on the gap between where you are and where

    you want to be.

  • Identify

    By evaluating how you use your energy, we will identify and break down the limiting beliefs

    holding you back.

  • Create

    Armed with customized tools and resources, you will be able to design your best life, and find

    your balance of mind, body, and soul.

  • Transform

    This is the fun part. Together we will practice and finesse your new support system, giving your transformation stability. 


commitment to allyship

In a world where being authentic can be scary, glitter for the soul is a safe place of kindness and respect. Everyone deserves the chance to reveal their true self. I welcome clients of all ages, races, genders, and sexual orientations, and would be honored to support your magical journey.


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