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Choosing YOU is hard. Living someone else's dream is hard. Choose your hard wisely.  - Romita Bulchandani

Photo: Walking along the beach in Lima, Peru. 

Glitter Explorer®

6-Month Journey to Self-Mastery:

Tailored for the expanding entrepreneur, this program is a deep and transformative exploration beyond the conventional. It's crafted for those ready to fully commit to their personal and professional evolution over an extended period.

In this journey, you'll build upon the insights and growth achieved in the 3 month program, diving into even more profound realms of self-discovery and spiritual-business alignment. As your Business Shaman, I'll be there to guide you through advanced shamanic wisdom, unlocking not just greater income and freedom, but also a deeper sense of inner peace and empowerment.

Prepare for transformative shifts that redefine your approach to business and life. Alongside, benefit from enhanced access to a network of gifted healers and exclusive sessions, each accelerating your journey towards enlightenment and success.


Coaching as needed kinda service. Unlimited virtual sessions via Zoom, FaceTime, or WhatsApp. Unlimited text and email access during business hours. Each (75) min session will be recorded and transcribed for you.

Glitter Money 

Over the next year, we will have regular financial and budgeting reviews. Learn how to take control of your credit, and build financial authority in your life. You will heal and strengthen your relationship with money during this process.  

Business Strategy & Planning 

Business strategy and implementation consultation. Design and implement a custom plan to build wealth and change the world in your unique way. Learn how to strategically monetize living in alignment with your purpose. Learn how to build a brand/business that supports you holistically and enables you to work smarter not harder. 

Bonus Gift

As an exclusive bonus, you will receive four (3) complimentary sessions with our expertly selected and highly skilled healers. These professionals are esteemed members of Romita's Avengers Team, renowned for their exceptional healing abilities and trusted expertise.

Done - With - You - Service 

This coaching program is a done with you service. You will have full access to me right at your fingertips. Think of me as your tour guide helping you master your soul.  I will help you navigate and explore during our time together. 

Ultimate Healing

Explore and heal your relationship with yourself while gaining clarity and understanding on how to support life in thriving vs. surviving. Practice while learning how to truly love yourself and hold yourself accountable to the boundaries you create.  

Ecosystem Remodel 

Deconstruct and rebuild your physical and intellectual environment. Your ecosystem is vital to your success, and knowing what you need and don't need is a process. Together we will break this down and create a space where you can thrive. Learn how your ecosystem can organically support you.

30 Day Set You Free Promise

Should you feel within the first 30 days that our coaching path isn't the right fit, I respect your choice to pursue other options. In such a case, you'll be released from your contract and provided a refund for the amount paid, less a nominal administrative fee as detailed in your contract.

Client Love 

Lauren Herring, NC

“I was at one of the lowest points in my life, but still hopeful for the future. Romita was able to come into my life and offer support, guidance, and wisdom. It has been a blessing to be able to work with her! Fast forward almost a year later and I am thriving rather than surviving. My life has immensely improved since welcoming Romita into my life!"

Living your best life is your birthright. Claim it. Build it. Own it.

- Romita Bulchandani

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