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Choosing YOU is hard. Living someone else's dream is hard. Choose your hard wisely.  - Glitter Explorer  

Photo: Walking along the beach in Lima, Peru. 

This twelve-month engagement is for the doers and the changemakers.  You are looking to show up and out for yourself in a BIG way.  During this time you will have multiple transformations. You are ready to shed the pain and trauma holding you back and meet yourself at LOVE.  This year will require you to be uncomfortable and that does not scare you because you are worthy of LIVING life on your terms while building wealth so you can change the world.  

This program includes everything from the Glitter Mindset® 6-Month program. In addition, keep scrolling to learn the additional program benefits. 

Become an official 
Glitter Explorer® 


Coaching as needed kinda service. Unlimited virtual sessions via Zoom, FaceTime, or WhatsApp. Unlimited text and email access during business hours. Each (75) min session will be recorded and transcribed for you.

Glitter Money 

Over the next year, we will have regular financial and budgeting reviews. Learn how to take control of your credit, and build financial authority in your life. You will heal and strengthen your relationship with money during this process.  

Business Strategy & Planning 

Business strategy and implementation consultation. Design and implement a custom plan to build wealth and change the world in your unique way. Learn how to strategically monetize living in alignment with your purpose. Learn how to build a brand/business that supports you holistically and enables you to work smarter not harder. 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you show up from day one and do the work and don't experience at least 1 mindset breakthrough within the first 30 days, I will refund your money as stated in the contract. No questions asked.  

Done - With - You - Service 

This coaching program is a done with you service. You will have full access to me right at your fingertips. Think of me as your tour guide helping you master your soul.  I will help you navigate and explore during our time together. 

Ultimate Healing

Explore and heal your relationship with yourself while gaining clarity and understanding on how to support life in thriving vs. surviving. Practice while learning how to truly love yourself and hold yourself accountable to the boundaries you create.  

Ecosystem Remodel 

Deconstruct and rebuild your physical and intellectual environment. Your ecosystem is vital to your success, and knowing what you need and don't need is a process. Together we will break this down and cocreate a space you can thrive. Learn how your ecosystem can organically support you.

90 Day Set You Free Promise

For 90 days, if you show up and do the work and are still not feeling your desired results, I will release you of your contract and refund the remaining prorated amount due per contract. 

Bonus Gifts


Your home is your sanctuary. It's where you nourish your soul and manifest your future. Understanding the energetic balance of your home is key in setting your future up for success.  This bonus will bring your home renewed energy sprinkled with a little Feng Shui. A $600 value.

*Energy Healer is a trusted and verified member of Glitter Explorer's® personal Avengers Team. 


Diverse perspectives are vital for making big life-changing decisions. As an added bonus, you will experience guidance from two additional Astrologers to clarify your life path and how to strategically move forward. $600 value 

*Astrologers are trusted and verified members of Glitter Explorer's® personal Avengers Team. 


Clearing your past and launching this life on a clean slate is a gift not everyone gives you. You will work with an expert to clear any negative energy in Akashic Records to speed up the healing process and start living your best life. A $400 value. 

*Akashic Records expert is a trusted and verified member of Glitter Explorer's® personal Avengers Team. 


Get an in-depth look at your Human Design and how you use this insight strategically when building wealth.  You will gain insight into how you think and process information which will come in handy when building your life plan. A $400 value. 

*HD expert is a trusted and verified member of Glitter Explorer's® personal Avengers Team. 


Personalized Glitter Retreat! With Glitter Explorer® as your personal host, you will co-create an extraordinary three-night, three-day healing and rejuvenating retreat customized for your expansion and growth. A $4,500 value.  *Accommodations, food, and retreat activities included. Airfare and transportation are not included.   

**Please note,  you will receive direct coaching on EVERY healer session to help you unpack all the overwhelming nuggets of glitter wisdom you receive and strategically implement them into your life plan. 

Client Love 

Lauren Herring, NC

“I was at one of the lowest points in my life, but still hopeful for the future. Romita was able to come into my life and offer support, guidance, and wisdom. It has been a blessing to be able to work with her! Fast forward almost a year later and I am thriving rather than surviving. My life has immensely improved since welcoming Romita into my life!"

Living your best life is your birthright. Claim it. Build it. Own it.

- Glitter Explorer 

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