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have you ever compared yourself to a zebra? 

You may not have hooves, a tail, and stripes, but chances are that you have far more in common with a zebra than you might have ever considered. 


For example, did you know that Zebras prefer group settings, are perfectly equipped to thrive in a variety of environments, and each has its own unique set of stripes? That's right - no two Zebras are exactly alike, just like you are a wholly unique and special individual!


"But Romita, I'm not thriving and I definitely don't feel special most of the time!" 


That's ok! I didn't either back when I was living the corporate life. It wasn't until I embraced the ZEBRA mindset™ that I found my authentic and confident self, and truly began to SHINE & THRIVE!


If you're:

  • Ready to challenge your mind to think bigger and holistically

  • Ready to organize your dreams and give direction to your story 

  • Ready to begin searching for your Inner Zebra


. . .then simply enter your email address below to receive your very own copy of the ZEBRA mindset™ Workbook! 


Within minutes you'll be on your way to clarity, motivation, and that ideal lifestyle you've been searching for your entire life!

We are conditioned to be polite, not honest. Just like a zebra, we all have a unique pattern of glitter stripes. Show them boldly and loudly!

- Romita Bulchandani

guess what. . .you've changed!

As we navigate life, live and learn, and take in each new experience, we grow and change.

Even if you're currently on the path that you always dreamt of (your ideal career, the partner you thought you wanted, the personae you wanted to emulate) you may wake up one morning to realize that it's not what you really want at all.

Guess what, that's OK!

You need to know that it's OK to realize your mindset has changed, your wants have changed, and your needs have changed. It's OK to allow your path to evolve as you also evolve, adapt, and embrace your authentic self. 

That's what The ZEBRA mindset™ is all about - working to sort through your experiences, your feelings, and your desires to help you identify who you are so that you can adapt your path or journey to best suit you!

If you're experiencing self-doubt, discontent, excessive stress, or confusing frustrations, then there's a good chance that you're not a) living your authentic life and b) navigating the right path for you! The ZEBRA mindset™ Workbook is the perfect way to begin your journey of reflection so you can re-align yourself and begin making the forward strides you want to make. 

Download your copy today and, while you're at it, take a moment to treat yourself in some other way - add that whipped cream to the top of your coffee, read an extra chapter in your book, take a bubble bath, or take a few moments to meditate. Whatever it is that makes you feel like you, invest some time in it! 

Then let's get started finding your Inner Zebra!


meet the author

As a previous "corporate junkie," I understand just how difficult it can be to let go and live your authentic life.

But now, as a transformational coach, I'm letting my Inner Zebra shine bright and want to encourage YOU to do the same!

The life you want and deserve is within reach. I want to teach you how to take it and step into your own power. 

I live for a living and it still chokes me up when I say it.  10 years ago I didn't have the capacity to dream this big.  My purpose is to help others dream bigger, then help them make it happen. 

Whatever you are not changing you are choosing. 

- Romita Bulchandani

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Join me today and learn how you can begin living your authentic life and say goodbye to the burdens, obstacles, and uncertainties that have been holding you back. It's the first step towards investing in yourself, putting yourself first (for once), and filling up your tank so that you can continue to THRIVE!

zebra mindset banner test.jpg

i can't wait to meet your inner zebra!